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About us

We are from Sweden!

The idea for Jetsettrends emerged from a longer stay in Las Vegas, USA, during the years 2005-2006! In Las Vegas we understood that this subculture was not just a fad, here people from all over the world gathered and the theme was rockabilly clothing, retro and the 50’s. Furthermore, Elvis did his first performance here in 1956 and also married his Pricilla Presley in the year 1967.

During the long stay in Las Vegas with all its exciting impressions of retro culture, the foundation for Jetsettrends was formed, and by homecoming one year later Jetsettrends started up in the fashion city London. It was in London you could find the right fashion and that is true to this day, most of our selection comes from England.

Jetsettrends moved to Sweden 2014

Jetsettrends were pioneers at selling new productions of dotted 50’s dresses in Sweden and you’ll still find many of the well known models from London. All creations and designers are closely watched so that you can find the latest, hottest and most exciting fashion.

Our products are well fitted, high quality and suits perfectly for graduation, the rockabilly gettogether or other festive occasions. Thus far we have over 100 000 satisfied customes only in Sweden! We are known for fast deliveries, great service and a large supply of dresses, jewelry and other exciting products that can be traced back to retro, the sweet 50s and the rockabilly trends positive development.

Jetsettrends Future vision

Jetsettrends should be the natural choice for the many people who want the most exciting selection with the best service based on the good old times!

Veronika och Morgan Sehlstedt, Founders

Veronika och Morgan Sehlstedt, Founders